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Inn Key Catalogue

DABER doors and automation controls - authorised distributor and installer of Inn Key security keys

Inn Key high-security keys with the latest anti-bumping technology

Daber Llaves Seguridad INN Key

High security keys with the latest technology.

Maximum level of security protocol to avoid unauthorised key duplication.

Active technology at the tip of the key, to interact with the cylinder nucleus, to verify coding and tolerance.

Guaranteed anti-bumping design. The key is rendered unusable when perforated to achieve a bumping effect.

German technology that works against professional attacks – such as lock-picking and printing.

Carbide and electroless nickel-plated steel components arranged at different levels within the stator and in the cylinder nucleus.

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Esmiper catalogue

DABER doors and operators, distributor for the Esmiper group

Safety catches, locks, hinges, lift-off hinges and accessories for automatic parking doors

New point of sale for fittings for up-and-over and sliding doors, gates and pedestrian gates and accessories for locks, hinges and latches.

Take a look at the wide variety of products in our catalogue, as well as our new bearings for free-standing sliding doors that do not require rails.

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Up-and-over doors

Scissor safety catches

Flat safety catches

Conical safety catches

Knock latch


Tilting lock

Double channel pulley

Nylon 1 channel pulley

Guide roller

Self-supporting sliding doors

Self-supporting trolley

Self-supporting tandem trolley

Self-supporting wheel

Sliding doors

Hydraulic continuous brake pulley

Hydraulic continuous brake

Hook locks

Stainless steel pulley box

Galvanised screw-on rail

Butterfly recessed galvanised rail

Recessed galvanised rail

Guide pulley

Channel wheel

Nylon channel wheel

Nylon wheel box

Built-in nylon wheel

Suspended M-ESMIPER

Small cap 500kg

Wall bracket 1000kg

Adjustable encounter support 1000kg

Nylon guide roller 1000kg

Standard trolley 500kg

CDK trolley 500kg

CDK trolley 1000kg

Suspended M-ESMIPER

2-wing hinge

Inclined strike lever lock

Upper pivot point

Lower pivot point

Pernio blade

Persian blinds

Long cylinder lock

Range of doors

Overlapping lock